Sea of Togetherness
A thought provoking message backed up with an illustration from the Jovoto logo mark


Taken from the quote "Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." By Ryunosuke Satoro. It's quite a moving and strong conceptual quote that for me sums up the Jovoto experience. On one level the sea is very melodic and moves in harmony whilst at the same time can be powerful, unpredictable and at times aggressive -- these for me are key ingredients of collaboration when people come together to shape ideas. It just depends how tough your ship is to be able to handle such waves ;)

Why do you participate in jovoto’s crowdstorms?

As I work mostly in the UX/UI visual and interation area of design, I find Jovoto a relief of two levels. Firstly to diversify and challenge my skills in other areas of design and secondly to be part of a community where I get to be inspired and challenged against my own ideas from other professionals. For all my 15 years experience from brand to digital to web and mobile, I'm still learning in this fast paced world ;)

How can we improve so that our crowdstorms serve you better?

Oooh tough question - let me get back on this one

Why should organizations and brands crowdstorm with jovotans?

Another tough question - let me get back on this one

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