Connected by the same universe
In Jovoto universe we can see how much creatives have in common among us.


We have created a graphic universe for Jovoto. One that speaks of the creatives. All creatives, illustrators, designers, engineers have in common the same values, feelings, wishes and goals that are used to create. That is a universe of recognisable and appreciated items for all of us. That is the Jovoto universe, a creative one built up out of symbols that we all share and recongnise. In Jovoto, all creatives work at the same aim, and connected by the same universe.

Why do you participate in jovoto’s crowdstorms?

We think that Jovoto`s crowdstorms are a great opportunity to share our vision about graphic design and creativity and also to learn from others.

How can we improve so that our crowdstorms serve you better?

We think Jovoto is doing pretty well. Perhaps more crowdstorms from other areas can encourage more people to participate.

Why should organizations and brands crowdstorm with jovotans?

It's a good opportunity for them to see ideas that perhaps could not be accessed by traditional methods.

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