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We connect our global community of designers and creative minds with big-name brands and NGOs to ideate, iterate and innovate. We have upscaled brainstorming, we call it crowdstorming!

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jovoto crowdstorms with tens of thousands of creative talents from around the world, to solve organizations’ design and innovation challenges. jovoto has hosted over 350 projects to-date and its ideas and their outcomes have reached millions of people. And this is just the beginning.

We set out to unleash creative talent, to create an environment that stimulates and nurtures creative minds. As an organization we are becoming more and more mature, and we took a moment to reflect and ask ourselves: Are we on track, are we doing the best we can? So this is why we are asking you, the creatives, to hop on board and help us understand what Crowdstorming means to you or should mean to you.   

Definition of Crowdstorm

Crowdstorming is both a process and a movement. It is the future of inspiration for creative solutions; we like to think of it as brainstorming on steroids. Fuelled by graphic designers, product designers, architects, inventors and artists, those who collaborate and create on jovoto, make the crowdstorm a dynamic, social, and out-of-the box experience. 

The goal of the crowdstorm is to generate ideas and solve problems, achieved through mass collaboration, and a positive working culture. Participation in a crowdstorm is free by choice; creatives can choose to collaborate and participate by giving feedback and learning from the other creative talents in the community. A successful crowdstorm transcends disciplines, borders, and cultures. It is where creatives can come to learn from each other, and to gain recognition for their work. 

What a crowdstorm is not: closed, inflexible, top-down, a “traditional” creative process.

Moving Forward

The purpose of this project is to learn from you on how to make the process even better for you. This is your chance to dream big, and to help shape the future of crowdstorming. This is just the beginning. 

What does crowdstorming mean to you?

Your Chance

This project is your chance to let your creative spirit run free.

In addition to the community and jury prizes we usually have on jovoto, we are also testing out the introduction of two NEW prizes: Best Collaboration Award and the Best Feedback Award.

Project Jury

Awarded ideas