Cumulus Green 2020

come up with innovative ideas with a focus on SDG 12 for responsible consumption and production.

€10,000prize pool

come up with innovative ideas with a focus on SDG 12 for responsible consumption and production.


Welcome to our jovoto creative space! 

Welcome to the Cumulus Green 2020: For a New Circular Economy competition submission portal powered by jovoto.

This is an international competition open to all art, design and media disciplines for students and recent graduates of Cumulus Member Institutions.  

The competition calls for projects (in this portal we also refer to them as “ideas”) that focus on SDG 12 for responsible consumption and production and a circular economy.

If you are on this portal, you are already familiar with all of the competition brief and all of the information background you need for your submission. If you need a refresher, go back to:


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  • You must have first completed your student registration form with Cumulus. The link to the registration is:

  • You must have obtained the ID code for the competition from the contact person in your school

 (it is required in this portal along with your full name as it appears in the Cumulus registration form to validate your entry).

Note: Your institution ID code for the competition will have been emailed to you already and/or is available through your Cumulus Member representative! Their contact information is available in the List of Schools pdf in the Cumulus Competition website. [we can add link when available]

Forgot to do this? No worries, go back and complete these steps and then proceed. Please note that your submission in this portal will not be valid otherwise.

Team Submissions

If you are working as a team, we ask that you submit your entry only once (1 time!), and that the lead team member credit each collaborator as part of the same entry so we avoid duplications. Thank you!


While submitting your project, you will see the submission template will include places that says for example : 'Your idea name', 'Your idea description', etc. Please don't get confused due to that, we still mean 'Your Project Name','Your Project Description'etc.

Ready, Set GO!

This portal allows you to take breaks and go back and do edits as you work on your submission.


Technical Issues

For any technical support while working on our platform. Please write us directly at below email address:


Submission Start: Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

Remember, the deadline for the competition portal closes : Friday, January 31st, 2020 (midnight, Helsinki; i.e UTC +2 EET Eastern European Time). 

This portal will be closed for submission after this deadline.

Good Luck!

From all of us from the Cumulus Green 2020 team.

Project terms

For this project, special  project terms  apply.


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Project terms

For this project, the binding rules, terms and conditions of the competition are those stipulated by Cumulus and can be found here: