MakeLearnPlace CC
A modular, temporary coworking space which facilitates creation and connection around sustainability


The location is a temporary space in the grain mills of Vanorshoven in Leuven. We created a movable and adaptable co-working space where citizens can organize workshops about circularity and can create, repair and reuse material with the help of experts/volunteers. Inspired by the silos for parts of the design, silent and recycle silos, we used blocks as a second element. The blocks are a simple construction; easily disassembled for reuse in a different location or for different contexts.

Project description

Temporary co-working space that works around sustainably and provides workshops around recycling and eco-conscieusness for different user groups


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Contact info

MakeLearnPlace CC team : Doriane SIMON-BARBOUX, Liandra SADZO, Yanou KROKOS school’s ID code : TMoreBEGreen2020

Your institution

CUMULUS Member Institution Name: Thomas More University of Applied Sciences Country: Belgium Department: Department of Interior, Design and Architecture Degree Name : Bachelor Interior & Service Design

Faculty/Course advisor

Nansi Van Geetsom Andrea Wilkinson Jolien Maes Jan Roekens

Your stakeholders

Public organization: SOM (Samen Onderwijs Maken)

Overview About Your Solution

The city of Leuven (Belgium) associated to SOM (“Samen Onderwijs Maken”, means Making Education Together in Dutch) will reuse the building of the former Stella Artois brewery. Because the location is temporary, we have created a movable, co-working space in which all kinds of people have the possibility to create and learn together, with the emphasis on ecology and local collaboration. The name of this concept is the MakeLearnPlace and our particular project is entitled CC, building on the project’s different intentions: collaboration, creation, café, circularity... and the project’s form which includes cubes and circles as the main shapes. The imposing and historic grain silo’s at the location inspired us and it is the intention of CC itself to be equally inspiring; a co-working space, that will connect people from various backgrounds and experiences, through design. The emphasis in the design of the MakeLearnPlace is based on multi-functional space and we want to stimulate the use of recycled materials to build awareness around eco-consciousness with the different user groups by offering various workshops on this theme. By incorporating a recycling system - named the Recycle Silos - into the design of the space, materials from the users of the MakeLearnPlace will be recovered. These recycled materials will be used as new resources within the workshops to create new objects. Next to this, there is the possibility to rent this space, to organize workshops around circularity and use these materials. Within our design, circularity is found through its modular design. Easily constructed building blocks facilitate a large variety of spaces and functions. They can be dismantled and reused for other needs. We used recovered, recycled or reused materials that can be used over and over again. Next to our materials, our design focuses on expanding people’s awareness and understanding about circularity through the (in)tangible services such as the recycling silos and the café which uses local products. Taking into account the inclusiveness of our design, we also provide soundproof spaces, where people who need silence can work. All kind of workshops can be organized in the work zone and the closed machine area supports more technical creations or workshops. The transparent wall provides a barrier against dust, noise and safety for the expensive machines. Overall the design we created provides a warm, inviting, educational and welcoming co-working space for everyone.

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The current situation of the building.

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The concept of the MakeLearnPlace CC.

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The services availables at the MakeLearnPlace CC.

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The products that constitute our project MakeLearnPlace CC.

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The final interventions on site.

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