Garbage Hunter
Through the game to let more people participate in the process of recycling garbage


Marine garbage contains too much plastic garbage, and constantly decomposes into micro plastic, which has seriously affected marine life and intensified into human life. By building a unique recycling and manufacturing system in the world, we connect all people through different circular economic models, and encourage them to take some time to contribute to the marine recyclable ecosystem every day.

Project description

The garbage Hunter project mainly focuses on the recycling of urban beach, port and river garbage, which is divided into marine garbage collection system, online platform and offline community. First of all, in the way of game, the participants control the robot to clean up the garbage in the first person game mode through the network. Players who clean up different kinds of garbage will get different points, popularize garbage classification knowledge, and publicize the awareness of marine environmental protection. Players can participate in prize exchange through accumulated points of garbage cleaning. The prize is produced with recycled marine garbage as raw materials. At the same time, it will also cooperate with local environmental protection organizations, contact local manufacturers to sell recycled garbage, continue to put the funds into the project, and maintain the maintenance management, publicity and environmental protection activities of the robot.


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Guangdong University of Technology

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In view of the traditional human aspect of cleaning up the surface garbage, we use the water garbage recycling robot, and anyone can log in the website to control the robot online to clean up the garbage. On the one hand, it can reduce the cost of some human resources. On the other hand, it can use the game mechanism to let participants get feedback on environmental protection behavior. The game can get different scores by clearing different kinds of garbage. In terms of environmental protection awareness, we popularize the classification of marine garbage through game based control and introduction, and publicize the corresponding marine ecological environment on the website, so as to improve people's environmental protection awareness. In terms of funds, through cooperation with local environmental protection organizations and waste recycling manufacturers, the classified waste is screened and sold for secondary regeneration. The funds are used for robot maintenance and activity organization.

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