Feel the softness
Starting from the round shape of bristels, the idea is a bold design with strong inclusive message.


Considering that the package is the first to be touched but quickly gets thrown away, the tactile feeling is important. The grooved dots have the next features: the main idea is to be accessible to every human, including the blind ones through the thoughtful braille design. The encouraging message "BE HEALTHY AS A SOFT SMILE!" includes both part of the CURAPROX motto but also the main quality of the brush, its bristlels softness. Inclusiveness is the main key of designing a product for everyone

Your design here

Two tone (black and white) for simple and strong appearance which alternates between the 2 toothbrushes for contrast. User-friendly packaging and easy to distinguish even for blind people because of different position of the grooved dots. Suitable for all kinds of toothpaste (including charcoal).

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

The black and white alternation depending on the toothbrush create visual contrast and an easy way to distuinguish them. The colours used are Pantone Black 6C and Pantone Lilly White.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

_architect based in Bucharest, Romania _https://www.instagram.com/ovidiuserghe/

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