Swiss sunlight
Mountains define the landscape of Switzerland and we're very proud of them.


I'm using a key visual which I've created as a painting on canvas. It shows a mountain covered with snow and the sunlight gives the painting a warm and positive feeling.

  • The white crosses reflect the clients origin.
  • The mountain and the snow stand for a cold and fresh feeling when you brush your teeth.
  • The sunlights stands for the warm and positive character which Curaprox is.

Your design here

This is a picture of an original painting which I made on a canvas (100x80cm) with acrylic and gouche.

I'd be happy to offer my original painting to Curaprox. It could be used as a special price for the customers.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

I tried to create a white cross with the bristles. The handles have a warm color, which makes people happy. Yellow is my favourite color and brings joy into life.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

My name is Glenn Jäger and i live in Switzerland.

Since 13 years I work in Marketing and now in 2021 I'm in progress to start my own business as a consultant for digital marketing experiences (

2018 I started painting with acrylic and gouche to have another way to express my creativity (www.artbyglenn).

Also I like it to write blog articles about different topics. Mainly to satisfy my desire to write (

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