Brush strokes
How do you brush?


As simple and chaotic as it might be. Despite there being a more effective way of brushing our teeth, as describe by specialist on the subject, I believe everybody has their own "method" of brushing their teeth. What I like so much about the simple and yet very elegant and functional Curaprox brushes design, is that it makes room for every one to acomodate their personal processes whilste exploring new nuances along the way. So I tried to recreated a clearly more chaotic brushing process.

Your design here

What is your method? How do you hold your brush? Do you start from the back? Inside or out? Do you count your strokes? No matter your process, there's a certain distinguishable pattern of automation to it, that repeats itself but is also a bit different every time.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

Pantone colours PANTONE 116 C (Yellow) PANTONE 412 C (Dark Grey)

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

I'm a product designer and woodworker with a communication and engineering background. In my process, I try as much as I can to use an interdisciplinary approach, looking for the broader picture on my creations, as in how will it look, feel and be used. Will it last? How will it age? But mostly, I aim for awakening peoples senses and promoting great reflections, as it represents to me a greater knowledge of ourselves and our own existence.

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