Plant lovers only
Tooth brushes with beatiful and elegant plant design with carnovious plants.


My design will make happy every plant lover, with beatiful yet elegant design, which will look amazing in every bathroom. Even with their carnovious plant related design, they can make happy even your grandpa! I thought about carnovious plants as us, human being and now world situations, because you wouldn't see those plants everywhere. They grow in places where any other plant would die and they developed over time to live in those places, just like us they can survive what others would not.

Your design here

For background I used my own design, where i draw (painted with aquarel) my own plants that i own, and moved it into photoshop to this packaging.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

I do not have closer work of the bristlers and toothbrush. Sorry. For handles I used the most up standing colours in the design which are black and shade of pink. I used those beacuse they are elegant, don't scream with bright shades and can go with every bathroom. For bristlers I used shades of ds

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

My visual is showcasing carnovious plants for the plant lovers, that have became one of the biggest platforms over a year, and i would like to make a toothbrush not just for them! I painted plant with aquarel paints, then put them in my computer and worked my way to this design. I like to make some sort of spectrum of colours where you see light colours standing out with contrasting colour.

About me: I am currently studying fashion and textile design. Love music, animals and mostly nature.

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