Your Everyday Smile
A clean smile awaits those, who enter the bathroom!


Let´s face it! When you enter the bathroom in the morning, you often are not in your best mood. This design not only shines at your sink, but in the grocery-store, too! I picked clean and fresh colors. It likable character adresses a big target-group and avoids unpleasant associations. The bristles are mainly white in case some old toothpaste sticks to them. This way they look fresh for longer! Pantone Colours: Left and both bristle-smiles: Blue 072U (same as cura-logo on the left) Right: 2975U

Your design here

I wanted to create a likable design for all ages and target-groups. I picked clean and fresh colours. The hand-drawn character supports the main message while not distracting from the product itself.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

Unfortunately I don't have access to a calibrated monitor in my home-office. The left toothbrush is the same colour as the CURAPROX-logo on the left. The right one is a sky/baby-blue. I hope the colours come across the right way :)

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

Hi - I'm Luis!

Currently I'm studying Industrial-Design at Munich University of Applied Sciences. Last year I worked at "Umweltinstitut München" - an ecology institute which is funded publicly (NGO). It's semester-break right now but I couldn't let my fingers off the drawing board ;) With my design I hope to draw a smile on peoples faces - even at these hard times! Since I'm at the start of my career, I would be incredibly happy to be one of the top 4 Designs at Curaprox-Design Challenge!


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