Fun, Heath and Joy
Stripes are divided in Golden Proportion with bright, contrasting and trendy colors


The concept is to communicate Health and Joy in a playful way for everyone. The design is based on stripes divided in Golden Proportion, each segment has its own perfect space adding visual harmony to the whole. Three different color palettes are assigned to full fill all public, children, youth, adults and all genders. Unconventional, bright and contrasting combinations catch consumers attention. Bristles have vertical stripes to add movement and handles solid colors from each palette.

Your design here

The three options are based on the same grid built using Golden Proportion, color palettes are contrasting and unconventional tend to meet all public preferences.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

Bristles have vertical stripes to emphasize contrast. Solid colors vary on handles according to each color palette.

Please tell us about your design, and about you! Diana leads Robinson Design since 1998, a boutique design and marketing studio today based in Ensenada, Mexico. Specializes in internal marketing and branding, including publishing and packaging design. Clients vary from wineries, fisheries, food industry, maquilla and publishers. She studied bachelor in Graphic design in UIA, Mexico City (1993), ended the Masters in Marketing at CETYS, (2013) and most recently concluded her PHD in Business Administration, UABC (2020).

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