Curaprox Every Day
Playful typography


For the most of us brush our teeth is one of the first activity of the day, because self care and time are strictly related. The time we spend with ourself to get ready to live our day-time marks the passing of time, day by day. "Every Day" is a typographic artwork, where typography gets so big to lose his readability, with the effect of focusing on the playful, funny, dynamic, shapes, sliced by the packaging cut. The right boost to get trough your day.

Your design here

Typographically speaking, I choose to draw a calligraphic hand- script because teeth brush is an handmade activity. So I started from hand sketch then carefully vectorized with love. Colors are playful, energetic and familiar to self care packaging color palette. Impossible to not look at.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

I choose to have two colors for the toothbrushes just for marketing purpose. Then I pick a palette starting from the swiss flag red and the Curaprox corporate Blue. The colors are NOT meant to symbolize any sex gender. Bristles pattern and colors are simple to get focus on the artwork.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

Playful, colorful, funny, energetic typographic shapes. Because Every Day is that day.

Type Designer/Graphic Designer focused on branding field.

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