energy of stars
Idea represents Curaprox’s energy for the dental care of every human being on planet.


The powerful energy of colors flowed into imaginary celestial and stellar paths. These energies and colors represent Curaprox’s energy, effort and care in a commitment to dental care for every human being on the planet. Each white and shining star symbolically represents white, shiny and healthy teeth that will be achieved with the attention of Curaprox products. Strong contrast was applied for better emphasis.

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The powerful color energy taken from imaginary celestial and stellar pathways represents Curaprox’s energy for the dental care of every human being on the planet. They are connected by a single sky and all the stars.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

The handles have colors that emphasize contrast for better emphasis in the environment of other manufacturers. The bristles generally have an identical handle color, except for those hairs that outline the simplified star and its brightness.

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Jovoto is a new experience for me ... it makes me happy. My name is Nikolina and I have a master's degree in design engineering. The university study of design, and before that the school of applied arts and design ... (a long time ago). The world of design and applied arts, culture, fashion, painting, graphic design, graphic industry, branding, marketing ... has been my world for twenty years.

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