The Water
Like a gentle wave those toothbrushes will float around your mouth.


It is life, it is love, shallow and deep, calm and explosive, source of legends and fairytales all over the world and of course - without it cleaning your teeth would be kind of difficult?

We usually associate water with positive things - it cleans, relaxes and refreshes.

Like a gentle wave those toothbrushes will float around your mouth, leave your teeth squeaky clean and your mind relaxed at the beach.

Your design here

Calm and relaxing it glistens. Do you smell the fresh ocean breeze, can you feel the wind in your hair? Doesn't the sound of brushing your teeth remind you of waves gently crushing on the shore? Close your eyes and transport yourself to that warm summer day you hoped would never end.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

You'll love seeing those ocean colors in the morning and evening. Perfect to start your day refreshed and close the day relaxed - like a short swim through the ocean.

The bristles have a matching wave pattern.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

Hey everyone, we are Sandra and Mochi! Sandra is a jewelry artist at day and illustration geek at night as well as Mochi's perfect pillow. Mochi's jobs are sleeping, playing and distracting Sandra. Sandra used to work as a Product Designer for The Walt Disney Company Germany GmbH before, but she currently enjoys life as a freelancer - much to Mochi's delight.

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