The second life of my toothbrush
Did you know that many toothbrushes will find a new employment in the art sector?


Every toothbrush loves to keep your teeth healthy and clean, but the day will come, where the bristles start to get slightly uneven. Maybe it can't guarantee 100% hygiene anymore or the head will look a bit chewed on. But wait! This is exactly the point when your toothbrush has the magic to transform - away from dental hygiene to an endless art universe - a used toothbrush is a buddy, that every artist needs by his side!

Your design here

My old toothbrush loves brushing paper. Gouache colors are a perfect replacement for toothpaste (even though they tend to tint the bristles a little bit, but that only adds to its character). My old toothbrush likes its new job!

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

The colors of toothpaste or the swiss mountain scenery? Regardless of what you see, those colors will pop out without being aggressive - simply a nice splash of color in your bathroom.

(I added the finished artwork, because I couldn't add a 2nd picture to the previous chart - hope that is ok! :)

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

Hey everyone, we are Sandra and Mochi! Sandra is a jewelry artist at day and illustration geek at night as well as Mochi's perfect pillow. Mochi's jobs are sleeping, playing and distracting Sandra. Sandra used to work as a Product Designer for The Walt Disney Company Germany GmbH before, but she currently enjoys life as a freelancer - much to Mochi's delight.

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