Racing Heritage
Toothbrush colors inspired from racing heritage.


I created set of toothbrushes which takes color scheme inspiration from one of the most recognisable color combination in car racing and petrolheads community. I would like to target this group of users but it is also appealing color combination in general.

This color combination was used throughout car history and it is one of the most recognisable one. I am talking about racing green and tan (beige) color combo.

Your design here

The background accompanies the main idea of the color scheme. I used lighter colors so the brushes are still main focus point. The 2 stripes represents stripes used on racecars until this day, and then there is slightly visible round shape which refers to number plates used on racecars.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

I chose 2 main colors for the toothbrush handles. First one is equivalent for British racing green and second should be similar to Porsche Auratium green which has more lighter tone. These colors are then accompanied by beige (Tan) toned bristles. I think this combination works really great.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

My name is Daniel Kovalik, I am currently in last semester of Masters Degree at CTU Prague - Product Design.

My work is influenced by cars and car community quite a lot, I grew up in car workshop helping my father fix and modify cars. Then came first motorbike, car and it goes on. The picture captures me in my natural habitat. Doesn´t matter how many wheels it got or how strong is the engine - i will want to drive it and race it.

I love minimalism and Brutalism.

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