Into the deep of colors
An optical ilusion consisting of several layers, each with a new bounce of color.


My idea stands out with the vibrance of the colors used. It also takes a 2D package and gives it depth. Using a wide array of colors it is attarctive to everyone and the colors POP OUT of the image making it stand out. The handles are cool colors, promoting cleaness and higene, perfect for any bathroom.

Your design here

Design made in illustrator, so it is easy to scale. The full design shows the whole paper cut out effect. I chose the left side of the design to enfisize the shadows.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

The bristle pattern is based od the color gradients used in the background. The tooth brush handle color is very simple, white and blue. (the blue is the same color as the logo)

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

I´m a mexican industrial designer with a huge passion for graphic design. I hope this design catches everyone´s attention. If you have some free time and want to see a more of my work, I would greatly appriciate the constructive critisism. You can find my work here: