Folk Blueprint
Work inspired by traditional folk design and a technique of blueprints.


Blueprint is way of fabric coloring by printing patterns. It has been popular in 18. - 19. century. It's typical by its blue and white colors. By the time it had begun to dissapear. Technique is written in UNESCO World Heritage. It's a part of tradition and human history, which should be kept in our hearts. Blueprinting is wealth we inherited from our ancestors, which should belong to our common lifes. Art and legacy of our grandmas and great grandmothers, as a part of our homes.

Your design here

To keep such a beautiful thing like blueprint alive, i created design combined by nature and folklor. I used combination of classical elements of Slovak lace and flora. Blueprint has its typical blue color, which has been used from indigo and that's why i use blue color in the design.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

To keep fineness of visual the design is composed of two colors. I combined typical color of indigo with white. Flora is displayed in bristles of brushes.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

I'm Slovak girl from small country with great ambitions and a bad english. :) I Work as a graphic designer. I dedicated my life to art. I draw, paint, create, write, design products and i'm photographer and i use classical graphic techniques.

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