Keep your teeth clean and let's start green thinking.


The idea of the proposed work is to realize the consequences of their actions, to live life consciously, in this case with reference to the recycling of plastic, with which is our planet literally overwhelmed. I grasped the design so that the used materials and the method of processing communicate this idea at a glance. The toothbrushes are made of sorted plastic. Cardboard is used to make the blister, which is printed in monochrome printing.

Your design here

After removing the toothbrush we can see a matching message on its place about plastic pollution.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

The toothbrushes are made of sorted plastic.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

Hello, my name is Jan Soukup and I work as an art director in the Brandfathers studio, which I co-founded. I commute between Prague, where I work, and Kolín, where I am at home. If you want to know more, visit at or our website

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