Our minds always go sailin' while brushing our teeth. Let's embrace it!


I've always loved the power of simplicity: I'm amazed by how strong colors and known patterns can send a clear message!! For this task I was wondering what'd match 'brushing our teeth' when I had this insight: it's so easy to 'sail' when we're facing the mirror! Our minds go far really quick and we don't even notice!! Hope you guys like the way I've joined the usual navy colors within the package, making it simple to deliver this message!

Your design here

In this design the sailing concept, with navy colors, met the curaprox identity. The flag is an important symbol to recognize the client's brand, so it is lightly visible in the art.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

The idea is to add just a touch of minimalist design here! It will make the toothbrush stand out on your bathroom but will keep it solid and clean.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

Based in Brazil, I’m an Architect/Urban Planner for real and designer for fun!! I've just started with design contests and it feels great to be among such creative people! I’d like to compliment the other contestants on their great job!! For my regular jobs/tasks I love to exchange ideas and take part in collaborative creative processes so if I can help you with anything please mail me at or message me on linkedin (Isabella Azarias). It’ll be a pleasure to help!!

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