Rainbow Sunset
Colorful sunset above the sea brings back warm summer memories and good mood. Don’t worry, be happy!


I have been always thinking that colourful, happy designs catch the eye of most people. Although I also love minimalist or black & white motives, on such product as a toothbrush I prefer something that instantly makes me smile. This for me represents a summer sunset – full of warm colours that bring me back to the perfect happy holiday evenings. I believe that bright colours will distinguish this packing on the shelf and make people turn around, go back and put it into their shopping basket.

Your design here

Warm colours such as pink, purple and yellow work as a reminder of summer holidays, late evenings with friends, good food and wine, exotic one-in-a-lifetime experience and all in all – happy memories. Sunset is a universal positive motive all over the world - that is why I chose it as a main topic.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

I chose the handles & bristles colours based on the original sunset design. The main two colours here are bright pink and bright yellow. They are accompanied by dark purple and light pink at the bristles. There is a simplified sun/sunset motive on the bristles, too, to make the design complete.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

Hi! My name is Katka and I am an illustrator from the Czech Republic. I focus on digital drawing on the iPad in Procreate, but I also love to do vector lettering and learn many new techniques along the way. I mostly design colourful images, natural motives, cute animals and all the other things that make me happy

My website: www.dreamink.cz My Instagram: www.instagram.com/dreamink_design

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