The toothbrush that gives you that good-looking feeling after every brush... ting*


How do you choose a toothbrush amongst a variety on the shelf? Easy! Consumers buy with their eyes and would usually buy the product mainly for its looks. The packaging is designed to be attention grabbing on the first glance. Having a toothbrush that doesn’t look like the ordinary ones on the shelf is exciting and will motivate consumers to use it more often as it is different and unusual. This will give them a whole new daily experience and making their teeth good-looking after every brush.

Your design here

A combination of different shapes and colours are used to create an eye catching design. Adding the twinkle stars for that good-looking effect... ting*

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

Users can choose between two colour options; White and Blue. Different colours are used for the bristles to add an exciting and fun element to the toothbrush. This transforms an ordinary, boring object into something you would want to show off in your bathroom and use often.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

I am passionate about design, illustrations, conceptualising ideas and solving problems creatively. I use design as a way to express my passion for art and to communicate a message with visual language.

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