Anxiety universe
Anxiety is like a cloud above your head. The weather is changing many times a day.


I've been suffering with anxiety for many years. The problem of anxious people is real, but not communicate publicly enough. Drawing is one of my mechanisms how to deal with my psychological problems. I see anxiety as a cloud above my head. Sometimes the sky is clear, sometimes partly cloudy and some days are only the rainy days. Many people struggle with mental health problems, especially in times like this. I made this visual for people like me, to let them know, that they are not alone.

Your design here

The picture is about me and my universe, which is consists of dogs, plants, books, drawing, funny leggings and old school Vans shoes. And occasionally red wine. These things bringing joy to my life. But my universe is also made up by anxiety and antidepressants. Weird balance though. :-)

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

There are lot of people around me struggling with mental health issues. Some of them look for help, some of them don't. The topics of anxiety, panic attacks and fears are still taboo for many people. It's not a weakness to say openly that I have a problem and I need help. It's the opposite.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

Hello, my name is Hypochondra. I'm an illustrator, idea maker and social medias slave. I love dogs, yoga and plants. I'm saver of little snails and pigeons. My hobby is enthusiastic searching for diseases on Google. I struggle with anxiety issues. But most important - I draw for joy

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