Starry Night
Inspired by the famous Van Gogh's 1889 painting Starry Night.


Inspired by the classic Van Gogh's painting, Starry Night gives a calm, relaxing and gentle vibe, ideal for when brushing your teeth. Because It's so loved by everyone and worldwide famous, I think it will sell a lot and reach out to every public out there.

Your design here

Based on Starry Night, I made a more simplistic and minimal version. Using organic lines and a handful selection of colors.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

The bristles represent the stars, sky and mountain. While toothbrushes always seem to have a bland design, this one incorporates art to give it a unique vision.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

Hey! I'm Jennifer, a 21 year old brazillian Graphic Designer and Ilustrator based in Porto Alegre - RS. Did you know Brazil is one of the countries with most dentists on the world? Fun fact, right? I am very passionate about art and am now trying to live based of it :)

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