Healthy Habits
Everyday routines that keep you healthy and smiling.


The intention is to associate healthy habits in your daily routine, such as doing some yoga and brushing your teeth. As a couple we motivate each other to keep healthy and happy.

Your design here

The art aims to represent part of our daily routine during our yoga sessions, with one of our favorite yoga poses, Tree Pose or "Vrikshasana", calm colors, happy expressions, The lack of texture or shadows looks to mimic the color behavior of the brand products using solid, plain colors.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

Each Toothbrush has its own color but the bristles are the same one. Symbolizing that as a couple we are also individuals that share our love for each other, our goals and our view of the world. The colors aim to be dense, calm and with depth, contrasting with orange on top.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

I truly love visual communication, but as any graphic designer will tell you, this is a hard job with lots and lots of hours sitting down in front of the computer... 8 years ago I started to incorporate Yoga to my daily routine to counter that lack of movement. Today I work on my two passions, I'm a freelance designer and a Yoga Teacher. (Photo: Canaima, Venezuela - 2016) Instagram: @alandcg

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