Everything is possible
We need to wish for impossible things before breakfast, and then believe that they will come true.


Life can be though. But it can also be amazing when you're a dreamer.And life can be even more amazing when you are a dreamer and a doer!So why not start the day, as Lewis Carroll suggested, by thinking of impossible things you could do to explode the old and catalyze the new. After all, the word ‘impossible' only really spells out ‘I'm Possible'. Let's encourage ourselves to do more, to do better, be more joyful, to think outside the box. Why?Why not! t's kind of fun to do the impossible.

Your design here

Joyful drawings . Because we need imagination, thinking outside the box, joy, the crazy, irrational, the heart shatteringly scary, the limitless breath of fresh air that will set our ship afloat high on the seven seas.. Oh, and we need Hope...As long as there’s hope, there is life. :)

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

Pure - transparent handles in combination with black and white bristles. Black dots on bristles are designed into question and exclamation marks as symbols for question "why?" and for every adventure ready answer "why not!"

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

What is truly impossible? We do live in a time when nearly every day brings fresh new innovations with impressive vision and creativity. Things we thought impossible days, years, centuries ago, are a reality today. So let's do an impossible list - the list of things that we think we’ll never be able to do, and encourage ourselves to do more, to do unexpected. That's exactly what we are doing in our special brand HENTO TOTO. With and for our lovely special artists.

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