Home is where your toothbrush is.


The first thing we took to our new home when we moved in together were our toothbrushes.
They represent a little piece of our home that we started building from the start.
Every house has at least one toothbrush and that is the way.

Your design here

Colorful houses, possibly each with a toothbrush inside. The colors are eye-catching and full of life, like the houses.

Each household has its own rules and traditions, but they all have one thing that unites them, and that is brushing their teeth.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

We decided to choose colors that are great with the packaging, but also amazing on their own.
Each of us decided on our favorite color combination we would want to have on our toothbrushes.
They are unisex and vibrant colors, great for any generation.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

We are Veronika and Klemen. Also known as a team "Clever" (first three letters from our names). We are both working in a digital creative field, so we decided to create one idea together.

We recently moved in together after a long time of being together and our first "battle" was about the toothbrush's positions. On the bathroom sink? Or rather in the toothbrush holder? We found a perfect middle way solution, a toothbrush holder on a bathroom sink.


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