21 Flow
Do you think 21 is going to be a good year?


The paint splash illustration by Paweł Czerwiński was chosen to represent the liquid modernity (Zygmunt Bauman concept), that describes the need for constant change and adaptation.

Your design here

The crop of Paweł Czerwiński's illustration reminds me of the sensation whenever changing to something better in life.

Your design applied to the toothbrush & bristles

Description and especification of toothbrush and bristles.

Please tell us about your design, and about you!

I am a civil engineer and a design enthusiast. I believe good design and colors make our everyday life better and want to contribute to this whenever I can.

On behalf of this project, the idea was proposed by a team of designers which includes besides myself (@wavesstories), Bruna Meurer (@labrowna.art), and Daiana Schlindvein (@weare_dstudio).

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