A space that fits your needs, evolves according to your progression and stimulates your knowledge ..


In an ideal future our work space would be the convergence of two situations where the new meets the "house" and where at each moment we receive new inputs accompanied with "memories" that fix us to our roots and that allow us to produce creative pieces but with personality. Adaptable Canvas will do this, through a network of artificial intelligence sensors that will allow the recognition of each profile and the respective projection of dynamic and innovative environments without ever losing the personality of each user profile. Each creative / worker will be able to see their "ideal environment" be recreated but with a particularity, it will adapt to their state of mind, need, mood for that exact moment without ever losing the elements that keeps the personality characteristic of each creative , The elements and details that make us create something with our "mark" or stamp.

As we will have different creatives working in the same space, each of the micro-environments will relate and have contact areas creating a global macro-environment that defines the personality "of that work team"

The lack of a specific physical environment allows each of these modules to be multifunctional, as each "canvas" is recreated virtually through projection techniques and augmented reality, there is no need to create physical objects to create the space environment , Then this can be adapted according to the need of each team and can be used by different teams.

The space is equipped with a dynamic-modular structure, that can be adapted to the different needs of the human body to create specific and differentiated workspaces.

As each unit functions as a macro-space composed of different micro-spaces, they can be very modular and in this way, the teams can be resized whenever necessary.

A project that begins with a team of 4 can increase with the union of more cells ("canvas") so that new personalities and work patterns adapt and can progress and grow in the creation of the project.

Describe the challenge that the team faces:

Search for an integrated and adaptable solution that can be adapted to the personality of each one and that can find the points of connection between each element so that the team can work as a cohesive, creative, flexible and motivated workforce.

Briefly describe your solution:

"The Adaptable Canvas", an intelligent space adaptable to each of the "occupants" (physical or digital), able to recognise the algorithm of each profile according to their needs and requirements and creating new inputs, which evolves and dynamizes the work team and encourages the knowledge of each of the “units”.

Explain how it improves teamwork and solves the problems we encounter today:

Adaptable canvas will find the connecting points between each member of the team, through the intelligent recognition of the profile of each one, and create the favourable conditions to establish this "means of contact" between the different environments. Each team can grow or be reduced at any time because it is always being parameterised to respond to its maximum potential and can work physically or at long distance because recognition allows the environment to recreate.

Explain how it works in 5 steps:

  1. Space adaptable
  2. Multifunctional
  3. Intelligent
  4. Immersive
  5. Sociable




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