floWork - Air Writing Digital Device
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I aim at fast and easy sharing of concept and ideas. People will benefit from brainstorming very early in a project, adding notes on-the-move, remote control and access to their marks with voice commands, connecting physical and digital workplace for everyone involved, sharing and developing their best concepts collaboratively during whole working process.

Describe the challenge that the team faces:

As an architect, for me it is often hard to explain to my clients or coworkers exactly what I have in mind. Sometimes I make a fast hand sketch and it does the job. But it is just a flying piece of paper which I misplace often. Also, if bigger group works on the same task, I have to show that sketch to everyone. And if someone makes a correction or adds a useful suggestion, then the rest of the group might miss it if they are not present to our discussion.

Briefly describe your solution:

A solution for that challenge is to use an Air writing digital device which helps with communication between colleagues. If we have such tool, our work will be a lot better! I imagine a device which follows and records hand gestures, offering layered cloud access to all involved coworkers. The tool will make use of voice communication and converts speech to text. You can review and make corrections to team members’ work in real-time, fast and smooth. This way everyone can see and develop ideas!

Explain how it improves teamwork and solves the problems we encounter today:

This solution will offer faster communication between colleagues. It will make explaining ideas and concepts easier, because there will be detailed graphical presentation in addition to explanation. Sketches are directly digitized and sent to programs, voice communication is recorded and automatically converted to text. For brainstorming, attachment of layers with personal colored notes for everyone to see in real-time, both on location and from a distance.

Explain how it works in 5 steps:

  1. Special tool for air writing as part of team equipment. It recognizes your hand gestures in mid-air and records them in real-time. 2. You trace and review drawing through smart devices. 3. For convenience, smart glasses can be equipped and used from the team for smooth hands-free operation. Another option is to show the motion directly on a presentation display at the office. 4. All colleagues can see what you have in mind as you can visualize it. 5. The work process will be more effective.


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