The AI collaboration era (UPDATED)
Artificial intelligence used to collaborate on projects and improve the teamwork productivity


We know so far that AI performs work in perfect repetition and reliability. Daily tasks (mostly execution tasks) could take so much creative time from the teams. Imaging in the future where some of that some tasks could be replaced by cognitive technology, would improve people's work and win more creative power.

The machine learning process have the ability to learn from data that we provide, making simple and complex tasks. In a future scenario, cognitive technology will understand new environments very quickly and allow computers to learn about our technical tasks, preferences, quick decisions, time management and a lot of other things.

This AI technology could think like a human to analyze and interpret all of the data we provide in minutes, including ideas, unstructured texts, images, audio and video to execute the technical or analytical work. It would save people's time and it also gives a chance to creative minds to improve their work.

Describe the challenge that the team faces:

The team have a sort of different situations and a great volume of data to analyze for each project. Plus, they have to plan the best way to the execute their tasks based on all the information they have and the time they have to do it. While they are into the creative process, they have to take some decisions and shape their ideas better without wasting time.

Briefly describe your solution:

An artificial intelligence technology that execute tasks that take so much or the teams time, like: coding, prototyping, doing statistics, testing, learning new technologies to be able to make something or looking for someone to do it (like using a new software to execute the project). This technology could learn and understand the users data, the project needs, sketches, texts, voices and execute the "hard work".

Explain how it improves teamwork and solves the problems we encounter today:

  • Fast ANALYSIS: teams can have a project overview in a short time to make better decisions, adjustments, tests...
  • Improve the creative process and the work quality: more time to concept, less time to execute tasks. Gives more engagement for teams makes possible to everybody collaborate;
  • No need to learn so many new technologies: The system looks for the right solution and tool to execute each different project in a faster way; user gets the best results and take the best decisions;

Explain how it works in 5 steps:

  1. The team setup their needs, customize preferences
  2. The user input data , setup the task or algorithms
  3. AI engines process the information and execute part of the task – like coding, prototyping, doing statistics, testing
  4. User gets the taks done and make better decisions AI finishes the task according to user decision




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