Comfort Zone
Intelligent control tool to improve wellness at workspace


Comfort Zone is an integrated intelligent system that works autonomously inside the work space and all users devices to improve the the wellness of of the team inside and outside the workspace.

The system combines cognitive technology, smart infrastructure devices and internet of things to have access to all team tools and room environment.

It can track how many hours is spent in front of computers and other virtual devices, meetings and conferences. It calculates the team work hours, time spent in each project - giving stats, controlling the individual environment and helping people slow down when in their limits.

According to each users preferences and work demands, the Comfort Zone tool will also build individual interactions, such as a customised temperature, noise control, focus or even motivation environment created specially for each situation that can be easily turned on/off. It gives independent micro environments for each one of the team, when not together. Or create customised one when everybody needs to be together.

As it tracks all users actions, also can be connected to other wearables to give other health stats like: most stressful moments, hours spent in the same position, remember meal times, body exercises. Those could be set as reminders and little warnings through the day.

Describe the challenge that the team faces:

Stressful tasks, environment hard to concentrate, too many hours spent in front of screens or in too many meetings and other situations that can be physically bad for the team while working. Those facts can also be not motivating for the next day and implying on the teams productivity. Work should be the most comfortable space to get more health and motivation.

Briefly describe your solution:

An intelligent autonomous control tool that could be connected to all teams devices and workspace structure to improve wellness at workspace, tracking the team's work flow and actions and promoting the best work experience they can have.

Explain how it improves teamwork and solves the problems we encounter today:

The workspace will be able to make the team feel a perfect work experience and wellness starting from the moment they start until the moment we are back home.

Explain how it works in 5 steps:

Comfort Zone works together with Hal (to have access to all users devices and work flows) and is integrated with workspace building and structure (to control temperature, lights, noise reduction, etc). The system runs autonomously but all users can also have access and set up their preferences by voice control or simply using their computers or gadgets. For remote users Comfort Zone still running, and can also connect to other Comfort Zone spaces.



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