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jovoto is the creative workspace of the future. We are a global community of creatives and designers who bring innovative ideas to global brands. When we brainstorm at internet scale, we call it crowdstorming.

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It’s 2025 and the workspace as we once knew it is just a distant memory. The last eight years have brought fundamental changes to communication, collaboration, interaction, knowledge exchange and learning.

Rapid advances in various technologies will shape the workspaces of the future. Virtual and augmented reality will change how we perceive space, distance, and our environment. The internet of things and mobile devices, combined with cloud services, are already starting to connect everything and everyone across the globe and this trends will continue. Artificial intelligence will further advance and become part of our everyday worklife, enhance our capabilities, and soon just be a regular team member. 
These and many more emerging technologies will create dynamic working environments and experiences that transcend the typical office and business constellations that we’re all used to. Smarter, faster, more efficient, more engaging, and exciting ways of working together are emerging. In 2025, many of the challenges we still face on a daily basis today will truly be a thing of the past.

We’re sending you to the year 2025 to see a special project team in action and observe how their workspace is custom-tailored and configured to enable collaboration and creativity.

What’s the task?

Take “Future Snapshots” that show how the physical and digitally connected workspace has evolved and how teams will work together in the future.

As part of ForeWork, you are welcome to:

  • Connect and network with a creative and innovative global crowd
  • Receive feedback from senior leaders around the world and across several industries
  • Earn cash prizes from the €20,000 total prize pool
  • Have your contributions selected to be part of the ForeWork report
  • Be chosen to present your idea and participate in the two-day ForeWork workshop with initiative partners at the end of April (fluent English is a requirement), including consultation fee and travel costs to Berlin

The ForeWork initiative is a partnership between jovoto and international companies like  adidas, Cisco, Vitra, Volkswagen and Telekom – with many more set to join. We have joined forces to rethink and reorganize structures and offers in order to attract and retain their most valuable asset: creatives and innovators like you. This is your chance to shape your own future of work!


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