Work, learn and play "NEW SKILL"
Virtual reality headsets helping workers face daily work challenges and achieve professional goals.



Many employees really love their work and even arrive at the office with a smile on their face on Monday morning, however these same workers lack some skills (technical, administrative, interpersonal, ...) to reach their goals more easily,.

In a competitive work environment, employees do not seek help from colleagues for fear of judgment, also they can't find an e- course adapted to their learning needs that is closely related to a specific job description.


The employee who wants to learn, acquire new skills and increase his knowledge should not feel alone losing his energy in the camouflage of his weaknesses, he must be accompanied by his company to help him convert this wasted negative energy to a positive energy directed toward fulfillment.

This learning in itself must not be boring and monotonous, it must be gamified as much as possible until reaching the level of a leisure activity exercised during free time.


"NEW SKILL" is a virtual reality game console adapted to learning new skills.

A console that contains different learning programs for all the difficulties that may face employees in a given job description. simulations ranging from software manipulation, machine manipulation, communication techniques, time management to complex situations that require multiple skills.

All this in a virtual reality very similar to the work environment. a reality where employees have the right to make mistakes.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

"NEW SKILL" will contain a specific program for each department and for each position. The human resources department will work with department heads and gamification experts to design specific programs. The marketing department will promote "NEW SKILL" to employees, to encourage them to use the console. They must show their empathy and understanding towards the fear of making a mistake and show their willingness to accompany employees in reaching the summit of their potential.

"NEW SKILL" will not be used within the company in the work schedule but rather at home wearing comfortable pajamas.

"NEW SKILL" is supposed to be a game console before being a professional training console. A career plan, reward system and adventure mode will be available if it is possible to guarantee the "fun" side of the program.

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