Lock. Screen. Learn.
The humble lockscreen, previously used for security/privacy, is adapted for learning.

Management/Project Lead and White Collar


Historically corporate executives have been taught to safeguard the information in their computers and devices by locking the screen whenever they had to step away. E.g. Windows key+L on Windows. Many people even set their devices to automatically go into lock screen mode after a certain period of inactivity.


The lock screen represents digital real estate that is underutilized. Especially considering that a user is less likely to lock the screen while working actively on the device. That means a user about to unlock the screen is probably getting ready for the next activity or task on the device, OR, like most of us, is between tasks and simply reaching for the next little kick of dopamine (!) by checking "what's new" on the device. Why not use this little bit of time to convey useful knowledge?


LSL (Lock.Screen.Learn) is an AI-driven app that gathers information from corporate emails, as well as topics requested by the user, to predict what the user might benefit from learning, with relevance to his job role, company and industry. The AI then pulls the relevant learning content, distilled into quickly-digestible "bite size" graphics/text, and pushes that content to devices - to be displayed at the next lock screen (or unlocking). User may swipe for more details, or to discuss, etc.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Executives and senior management are already used to the notion of company security professionals installing and updating software and security on their devices as part of company policy. Therefore, I would host a meeting of senior execs and have a product demo of the LSL and its ability to pull relevant information and to literally put those condensed insights at their fingertips - on their phone and laptop lock screens. If they consent, their emails, texts, etc and devices get opted in. If I do not get enough consenting executives, I would wait for their next phone upgrade before making LSL a precondition for getting a new company-approved phone.

There are more dramatic ways to stage this, but I'll stop here and wait for feedback. Thanks.