PLN-Personal Learning Network
e-learning on the basic of connectivism



Connectivism is a relatively new learning theory that refers to learning in the digital age. It was developed by the Canadian learning theorist George Siemens. Contrary to existing learning theories, connectivism does not see man as an isolated, but as a networked individual. This creates a network, both to other people and to non-human sources. This network is essential for learning, as humans can access it at any time. As we use (social) networks in private, why not for learning in workspace?


We can use networks for learning, sharing, joining and creating for your very own use and when you have time


PLN network means: follow people with similar interests, read their posts and answer,continually benefit from this followers`thoughts and the shared thoughts of others- called curating. Share the work of others and yours to gather followers yourself. Learn, share and connect with others in your profession, keep up, when you have time.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The employees be informed by the companies, how to build up a PLN. The company itself launches a network group, to be part of and reward the employees, when they connect with this group.