smart glasses in industry 4.0
learn and experience in workflow in real time

Blue Collar and Trainees


Along with the move toward automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence, manufacturing workers are increasingly relying on digital tools to effectively complete their work. Tools such as collaboration platforms, work-based social media, and instant messaging can increasingly support the communication necessary for higher productivity. So a digital worktool can help to perform the daily work.


So there can be many different scenarios, the smart glasses can be an important worktool for precise working, learning by doing, support by collegues, or trainees, to be successful in the end and have a high quality product. An very important point is, to have free hands and to not need to interrupt the workflow.


The user cases are for example: Employee training/ Incorporation into practical workflows/Supervision of learners in executing workflow/ Process guiding/ Provision of background information/ Notification about anomalies/ Provision of feedback/Quality Control/ Process guiding/ Documentation/ Provision of real-time sensor data/ Reporting defect items/ and more aspects tailored to the respective industry

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

the smart glasses are working tools and are provided to every blue collar worker by the factory. As these are essentiell for their job, better there are only benefits, I think, no motivation is needed.