Human Cloud
Mentors get chosen, nowlegde is spread via small unexpected meetups: Kitchen, lift, broom chamber.



Rumors spread information perfectly, fast and without workshops or webinars or long meetings. The overuse of traditional channels is the reason for people getting bored and less concentrated. Calenders are full of meetings and life imroving routines. Thus there seems to be no slot left.


Information need to spread more unofficial like e.g. rumors do or let's replace rumors with very exclusive infos. The company should integrate new knowledege spreading habits. People need to feel more adressed and taken out from the daily workflow. The learning must become a happening, a suprise and a price. The opportunity to get exclusive knowledge must be transported as mission and unique chance to improve during the average shedule.


The Human Cloud provides knowledge share by providing unofficial small meetup between experts and learners. Experts get a call to action to work out their expert knowledge to make it fit for a small meetup session. Thus they will feel addressed, motivated and chosen. Learners get a message that they qualified to meet an expert and get exclusive know-how. Later they can become expert and teach others. Finally this habit gets people to meet up and share insides at a special location.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The Human Cloud will be visual and symbol for knowlege share. Employees that are qualified to work as an Expert will get an call to action by a Human Cloud invite, pointing out that his/her expertise is needed for a mission. A learner will get an Invitation via phone, paper note or email to Human Cloud Meet Up Event, similar to call for a special mission. Such an events takes place at places like: Kitchens, Cafes, roof top or places in building the persons never heard of. Thus the learner will get curious. The event also might include special catering or give aways, e.g. the Human Cloud drinking cup. Expert and Learner stay in touch via the Human Cloud platform and will keep on exchanging information and share the level of knowledge to the employee community. Learning becomes a special mission, not everybody invited, thus it get exclusive and exciting to anybody involved. Calling it Human Cloud shows that it is real people not just an eLearning app but the company`s employees!