Work, learn and play "NEW POST"
VR learning cycle for employees to master every aspect of a new position in the company.



One of the reasons motivating employees to increase productivity and improve their performance in the workplace is ambition.

The ambition to get a deserved promotion. escalation in the hierarchy is certainly an asset, but it requires new responsibilities, skills and knowledge. these skills and knowledge will be transmitted in the handover period, however, the handover is not always very effective due to several reasons. time constraint, problems between former and new incumbents, etc...


Employees who have targeted a position and wish to have it in the near future, must excel in their current position certainly, but they must also acquire all the prerequisites of the desired position, a mission that may seem simple but very complicated to accomplish given the pace of work and the lack of a favorable ground to train on the new skills of the new position.

A solution must be found to prepare employees and update the company on their progress.


"NEW POST" is a virtual reality console that trains employees to master different aspects of a particular job.

Employees will have the chance to go through different situations in the professional life of the jobholder thanks to simulations in a virtual world very similar to the reality of work and they will also be certified if they complete the program modules

The employee will learn easily, the company will easily know who is the right person for the position and the handover will be smooth

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

"NEW POST" will have several certiant learning programs, one program for each position.

Employees who are going to take up a new position will benefit from the "NEW POST" program before and during the period of service, free of charge. in the meantime the department will follow the progress of the training of the employee, once certified he will be able to occupy the new position.

Employees who are not promised a promotion may also benefit from the "NEW POST" programs. They can pay with ease over several months. when they get the certificates, they can transfer them to the HR department.

"NEW POST" is very beneficial for employee learning, but also beneficial for the HR department's information system and the simplification of the handover.