Lunch break mentor
A mobile app that connects employees seeking advice with "mentor" employees during the lunch break



The lunch break is a crucial moment for employees not only because they have to eat but also because it is a moment of social interaction between colleagues.

However, these social interactions are not always well optimized, either because the colleagues are not compatible or because the subjects mentioned during the break are not very interesting. To avoid the useless interactions some employees choose to hide and take their lunch alone in the calm. ( which is not a good solution)


Let's try to see the lunch break from a different angle:

A group of people of different ages, different backgrounds and different experiences, who work for the same company sitting in the same space for 20 to 60 minutes.

In the same group there is a person who is looking for a solution to solve a given problem and another one who can solve it easily and wiling to help others by sharing his knowledge

Now imagine these two people sitting on the same table talking about the problem...


"Lunch break mentor" is a mobile app that connects employees seeking advice on a given issue, with other employees who can provide solutions. all this during the lunch break. Employees can choose between the 2 modes "mentor" or "mentee" and start looking for the perfect match before a few minutes of the lunch break.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

"Lunch break mentor" will contain categories and subcategories of skills that employees can easily put in the profile "mentor" or mention in the problem encountered.

In order to promote this app, the company must first organize a conference to present the mobile application and show tit's benefits .

secondly, executives who occupy important positions in the company must use the application during the lunch breaks to influence positivly the other employees (at least the launch phase).

Finally the employees must get permission to use the application a few minutes before the lunch break to find a "match".