Skills Finder
Platform that can organize learning decisions

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, and Trainees


Many people want to learn a new skill, have an interest in some other type of work, or have an ambitions to improve themselves in a field of work.


Sometimes people who have an interest in working in some other field of work can find themselves lost in a path of learning. People often going right to the main skill, but lack complete skill set thay need for a desired work. This can be seen as a non effective or optimized path for learning. That can lead to incomplete skillset or lack of interest in a time. With platform which tells exact skills you need to learn with a process for a desired work, learning process will be optimized.


SKILLS FINDER is an online platform that works as skill database. User on the platform can find jobs that match his skillset, or find a job that interests him and find what skills he needs for the desired job. User will get all the informations about right skillset, lists of companies, key and influencing people in a field, schools, universities and also tutorials and master classes. Users can add their profiles with skills, where hr managers can see users skills as a badges.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

People are always proud with their skills. Profiles on this platform can be a showcase of user skillsets. But can be also a playground for a finding one another good skill to learn. Implementing the badges can triger a desire or interest in a learning new skills. Management can use platform as a review, organizational tool or can see what staff wish to learn.