Learning "Step by Step"
Do little sport while you learn



We all know and it is scientifically proven that Sport is an essentiell compensation for our jobs. So may of us do sports at leisure, go to a fitness center and more. Even companies promote sports for their employees


Some studies have shown that easier sport during learning can help to keep the information. So light sports are very effective for learning. Positive of sports : Studies have shown strong relationships between cognitive functions, the retrieval of learned information and the function of the brain and sports Aerobic exercise pumps blood, oxygen and nutrients into your brain, making it work better.


take a part of the time for learning "Step by Step"

Take your e-learning software, book or notes... with you to the gym. Walk on the stationary bike for at least half an hour while you learn. Keep the intensity low and comfortable. You can also go to the elliptical machine, the treadmill or the stepper.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

can be communicated by health insurance companies, e-learning platforms, to describe the positive effect between sports and learning, and the gyms with a special offer