Pins for interest in learning (a.k.a. Pinterests!)
Attractive visual search & discovery with "pins" motivates. Algorithms tune, personalize discovery.

All and Other (Tech adopters likely to use this on smartphones)


People have a relatively good idea of what they know or are skilled at. A majority of these people also know where their interests lie. Yet, only a minority of these people have a clear idea about how to discover content (or training opportunities) relevant to their interests - especially in the workplace/professional realm.


We can motivate and aid workplace employees in actively seeking learning and new skills by making the process of exploring and discovering interests (and content, recommendations) more easy and intuitive. Also, visually pleasing, with short previews, ease of access - with just a tap, etc. And very importantly, make that process pleasurable - because motivation for learning comes easier if the activity is pleasurable.


Real-life proof of concept exists - the Pinterest platform, already used by millions to satisfy their interest in learning new things!

Let's adapt Pinterest or a clone - for workplace learning. Users start out by answering a few profile questions (some are answered automatically from their data stored in human resources). Powerful algorithms then start recommending topics, skills to explore. Tracking of user behaviors, a “Tune Ur Home Feed” option, and employer inputs = further refinement.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

I would invite employees to "test drive a new internal company-wide learning tool." Each interested/volunteering employee creates a user account, and starts interacting with the platform, providing feedback, suggesting topics, or even signing up for skill upgrade training opportunities via the platform (see example on lower right of uploaded image). Meanwhile, while employees think they are test driving a new learning tool, I shall be working with the company to track each user's behavior, new learning, commenting and - eventually - their recall of new learning, or application of new skills, etc. Once I validate my hypothesis of improved employee motivation and learning, the company will likely push out the product to more employees and to more diverse sets of employees... allowing for further improvements in personalized relevance of recommended pins. More relevant and exciting "Yes, it'll be great to know this" type of pins will parlay into better learning outcomes!

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