Support Me
Any information or expert support available at any time by any chanel

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Blue Collar, Trainees, and All


Any skilled or newly joined worker what ever his postion, could be facing at a moment a lack of knowledge. This Lack could be related to process, technical aspect, Behavior to observe, educational or training background and several other reasons.

When a commited worker is facing this kind of issue, it make him asking arround for support, checking knowledge bases that may not be effecient depending of the case and let him try to improvise or workaround.


An efficient company should provide a powerfull interactive tool able to deliver the correct and precise information or training to each collaborater at any time he is asking or could need to be aware of before taking any action.


The use of AI based technology linked to all chanels ( e-mails, phone, Augmented reality with smart phone or glasses, SIRI , Alexa etc...), and connected to a knowledge base mandatory rated by the user and updated in case by himself , Could be the answer. Topics as "Must know" have to be notified each time an action is started. In Fact the access to the precise knowledge and expert remote support by any channel 7/7 within ITIL could be the perfect leverage to gain efficiency and reduce costs

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Support Me

A button could appear in any office, ERP , portal or any tool used by the users.

The "Support me" plugin scans the hot tags displayed and show s notifications about "Must know" or " good practices".

That button allow access to the knowledge base, interactive support and expert connection with audio, video and augumented reality as used with Microsoft Hololens.

The "Support Me" button should be available in any corporate tool to provide a 24/7 accurate support and in case dispatched directly to the relevant suport team.

The user have no need to exhaustively explain the issue from the beginning as the tool is monitoring his actions and detects where he's stopped.

No Need to SPOC or dispatching team.

This could save a lot of waiting time to get the relevant support and remove the needs for Spoc, dispatch teams, Knowledge base administrators and several actors in the process.