Daily Calculator
Ai optimization tool that mix the best daily routine for you

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Blue Collar, Trainees, and All


People are getting more and more inefficient users of its time. Without knowing it, we spend large amount of time unproductive.


Honestly most of people are lazy, and after long hours of work we tend to rest, go to coffee, watch a tv show, etc. and spend whole day unproductive. Without planning the best daily routine to cover all our interests and rest.


App will hold database that user will add as input (time user spend in traffic, work, sleep, eat, coffee, breakes, learning, etc.) App will find and add bits or bigger parts of free time to learn more or rest more. App will calculate and update the time chart schedule for you as the best daily routine for you. This way user will be much more organized and have to trust the app, as the app can calculate all the inputs much more effectivle, without lieing itself:)

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Menagement have interest in this app, which can be seen as a support and a guide for its employees. Employees will benefit with more time to learn and rest, thus be more productive, focused and motivated troughout a day.