AR-enabled learning guidance & GAMEplay
Think "PokemonGo" + a learning/knoledge mgmt system = Gamification of learning-seeking activities.

White Collar, Blue Collar, and Trainees


In a company, any blue collar worker or white collar worker may encounter a situation, machine or object when/where he/she needs help. Usually, one turns to a colleague, or to technical or procedural manuals or how-to instructions (printed or digital) to learn. This learning "in a situation of need" may not be as pleasant or satisfying as encountering a situation and taking pleasure in the fact that one has already pre-prepared for it, or that one already knows how to get guidance by phone!


Some people worry that asking for help makes them seem less knowledgeable.

People are more likely to actively seek learning opportunities if there is a pleasurable element or gamification involved in the discovery process.

Like PokemonGo, an augmented reality mobile game can take advantage of modern smartphones, geotagging, machine vision and events triggered by what the phone is pointed at. Moreover, the game and phone can also deliver resources or help on demand - with more fun in there.


People solving or facing problems/unknowns/issues in the course of their work are encouraged to take photos or video snippets with the phone while tagging the issue based on location, difficulty level, etc. They may link to a solution, leave tips, or offer help for future. The issue becomes a pokémon gym or PokéStop of sorts. When other employees seeking solutions find these pokémon, they find help! Problem finders, solvers, tip providers, etc earn game points... rise in leaderboard, rewards.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

A poster campaign to promote the gamification of learning and knowledge discovery in the company. Install such posters near equipment that have in the past been a source of "how do I?" questions.

An internal forum for employees to form teams. Likely, the younger employees who have more experience of Pokemon Go and AR games can help with onboarding of older employees.

Internal company communications to advise employees of the opportunity, the dos and the don'ts. A leaderboard for encouragement. You get the picture...

CONCLUSION. A revolutionary approach for the gamified acquisition of more learning and skill opportunities relevant to the company, with the gradual user-contributed build-up of a Pokemon-style map of all common (and uncommon) learning opportunities and issues. A map that gradually spreads to all work locations - from the offices to the factory floors to the warehouses. This AR game can also interface with the company's learning/knowledge management system. Voila!