SkillSetter - Your personal mentor at your finger tips!

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Blue Collar, Trainees, and All


People are unique! But we all live, work and operate in environments that are set up for the collective. It might be a small collective at times, but it's not an environment for only you, the individual. Learning is a very personal think but we are all still educated in a collective. Even when it's just an online class or a small-group seminar. A collective is not always bad. In fact its most often necessary to run thing smoothly. But how does this effect our ability to lear new skills?


We are all wired different. Some are visual learners. Some learn by repetition. Some have a hight drive to learn and others have a hard time getting started.

But most people, regardless of their social status, job or lifestyle have a impulse to discover and seek knowledge. On a daily basis.

We know what we want to learn but finding the right place (online and offline) and method (audio, video, seminar, personal tutoring, apps & programs, etc.) is often the first and biggest hurdle.


We create a virtual assistant (end user: app) that helps you find relevant learning material (online/offline) that fits your prepared learning style.

If you don't know what your "style" is thats fine. SkillSetter will determine via a questionnaire how your "wired".

The end user can set up a profile with interests, desired skills and certifications they want to acquire and SkillSetter will suggest learning material (classes on or offline, books, seminars, etc.) and guide you to your goal.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Management / Project Lead - To maximize outreach at senior level there could be a meeting to show the video and explain the program in detail.

White Collar - To utilize existing ways of communication a commercial video can be send out via e-mail.

Blue Collar - Unions can be included and help spread the work amongst their members. Especially in the Blue collar sector.

Trainees - Each new trainee get one educational program free of charge paid by the employer. Those programs could be specifically selected for the field they are working in and incorporated in the trainee program.

Cost Subsidies - A reward system can be set up where companies subsidize employees which finish classes. Companies could also negotiate conditions with education providers like SkillShare to lower class costs for their employees.