Gamification in Learning
Gamification in Learning



Humans are naturally motivated by competition. Recognition for a job well done is a basic human need, we all want to be appreciated. Even small achievements are worthy of acknowledgment.


Awarding people for achieving a goal or their job performance, from public recognition to physical rewards.


Every corporate member will receive a character that will evolve based on their monthly performances. Every task will be rewarded with points that will level up your character. Leaderboards with characters will be visible to everyone in the company, so people can see where they rank compared to others. Montly winners will be awarded with various incentives, such as: permisions to leave early from job, free days off, free transportation expenses for a week etc.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The company where Hermina works recently implemented a new method of workflow — Gamification in Learning. Although she has a busy time, this new game challenge her to achieve more. General tasks are divided in smaller tasks and are transformed in achievements within the game. This is how Hermina wins points that will level up her new character. When she signed up for this game, she personalized a character with her features. This involves her more in the game story and she is naturally motivated by competition. She is more relaxed because her daily tasks aren't just a workload. The games has a leader board too, so she is awarded for achieving tasks with public recognition and physical rewards. This week, Hermina wins the 2nd place, so she earn a permission go home earlier and spend time with family. She learned how to perform all her tasks in a shorter time and, the most important, she had fun. Hermina has new skills, more free time and now, the company has an efficient employee.

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