AI, Voice Assistants, Chatbots
AI, VA, Chatbots - not to make humans lazy or apprehensive, but motivated and efficient at learning!

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, and Other (Users of voice assistants, chatbots)


Companies are increasingly using AI-backend voice assistants and chatbots to advance their work and help employees. Per a 2018 report, 29 percent of organizations have implemented one/more AI chatbots / intelligent assistants for work-related tasks or plan to implement them in the next 12 months. The SpiceWorks survey of voice assistant-deploying companies revealed that 46% tap them for voice-to-text dictation, 26% use them for team collaboration, 24% use them for employee calendar management.


Conversational AI chatbots can engage with employees either via voice-activated devices (Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.), via the message-based interfaces of popular collaboration tools (Slack, Teams, Chime, etc.) or traditional channels (SMS or email). Allowing employees to pass off more mundane tasks, such as knowing one's calendar schedule for the next week, or computing sales figures trends, to conversational AI assistants and for humans to focus on more higher-level, more creative learning.


I'll attune conversational AI assistants to nudge human employees to actively seek learning, by: 1. asking &/or informing humans of new tools/trends relevant to work; 2. finding and reserving resources/opportunities/incentives/time for learning; 3. revealing to employees the "gaps" where AIs currently cannot fill in - i.e. the opportunities for humans to stay ahead of AIs (and in the process, increase the humans' worth to the employer!) 4. tracking the learning, note-taking, and results.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

An internal communication campaign. A contest for employees to build new private "skill" (a specific action driven by a voice command, applicable to a conversational AI assistant, e.g. Alexa) that (i) fetches information/insight relevant to employees' work, or (ii) quizzes employees, (iii) helps automate something useful to the company. The campaign & contest will spur employees who are not yet using AI assistants as much or are not yet using AI assistants in the workplace to actively look into how the AI assistants can help them. This will help bring about a culture change in the company, and motivate employees to learn actively, and to learn in a space that many employees were previously apprehensive about!

And then... Remind employees that they can "hack" automation to reveal to them where the gaps/inadequacies lie in automation, and where humans' learning is indispensable. Along with examples of how others did it, this shall encourage employees to dive deeper into new learning.

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